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If you have been charged or arrested for a criminal offence, we strongly encourage you to obtain professional legal advice immediately.

Appointing the right lawyer who has the experience to offer the right advice and represent you in Court can make a huge difference to the outcome of your case.

While the most common matters in the Local Court may appear to be traffic and drink/drive offences, there are many other areas dealt with, including civil disputes, debt collection etc.

It is important that you organise legal representation if you are accused of a crime or if the police want you to participate in a recorded interview. Don’t delay – it is critical to get legal advice immediately.

At Michael Daly Solicitor we can provide expert legal advice and representation through the Local Court for a range of (criminal) matters. Don’t jeopardise your reputation and your future. Contact us today for professional legal advice and representation you can trust.

Michael can advise on the most practical, if possible, results in these areas.

Trusted & experienced lawyers on the Central Coast NSW can assist with:

  • Traffic and drink driving offences
  • Any other criminal or criminally accused  matters
  • Legal representation in local Court

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Have you got a will?

Ideally the best time to get your Estate Plan in order is when you are healthy and able with no problems in sight. Yes, it is better to be prepared.

We can help you complete a valid will do you have the peace of mind that your estate is in order.

Trusted experts in professional legal advice & local Court representation:

  • Traffic and drink driving offences
  • Any other criminal or criminally accused matters
  • Legal representation in local Court

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Property Purchase
Michael Daly went above and beyond to make sure everything ran smoothly and rescued me from my own ignorance. A true champion! Thank you so much.
Simone Day

Our thanks to you and your supportive staff for your tireless efforts in assisting us through this difficult time.

Wright family

Michael has been my family Solicitor for 30 years. My family and I have used his services in a number of ways – Sale and purchase of properties; Purchase and sale of businesses; Preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney; Successful recovery of unpaid monies on sale of a car by a family member. I have always found Michael to be very thorough, knowledgeable and very comfortable to deal with. I highly value the services he continues to provide.

C. Barlow