Conveyancing & Property Law

Immediate property law advice. Purchasing assistance, tax & strata law. 

Solicitors have been doing this work since colonial times, and are the experts in this field.

Whether you’re moving house, a first time home buyer or growing your investment property portfolio, the sale and purchase of property can be both exciting and stressful.

At Michael Daly Solicitor and Conveyancer our experienced and professional team can help. We take care of all legal and conveyancing matters so you can enter your contract with confidence knowing that everything is in order.

If you need to prepare a contract to sell a property, we can assist and get it organised for you hassle-free, with no hidden fees.

If you are seeking to buy a property, we can assist you by providing legal advice, including helping you understand contracts, so that your next property transaction is as safe and hassle-free as possible. Our service will ensure your rights and interests are protected by advising you of any Capital Gains Tax or GST implications.

Michael and his team have been assisting the Central Coast for their conveyancing needs for over 40 years. His team are relied upon for transparent and efficient service by many families across the Central Coast and beyond.

Our experienced Conveyancers can assist you with:

  • Residential property
  • Investment property
  • Commercial
  • Business
  • Mortgage contracts
  • Retail Leasing
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Retirement Villages

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Why our team has more benefits than just conveyancing…

Purchasing a property is commonly the first instance you require law services; a Conveyancer. However, it certainly is not the last time you will require them. A Solicitor is as essential as an Accountant for adequate protection and planning of your life assets and family’s best interests. We take care of it all for you. Let’s chat.

Some of the more detailed issues in property law are

  • What are easements and covenants on land?
  • Is there legal access to the land you wish to buy (ie. Your “escape to the country”)?
  • Are there services to the land?
  • Is there a building entitlement to the land?
  • For what purpose can you use the land ie. residential, industrial, commercial, rural?


Are you contemplating leasing property which will involve a retail lease or other form of commercial lease?

Retirement village Leases

Many of these documents now comprise 85 pages or more and are anything but easy to understand. Michael can explain all of these matters in language you can understand.

Our local experienced conveyancers act in your best interest. Our service includes:

  • Preparation of Contracts;
  • A detailed explanation of all matters relating to your property and the property interest;
  • Explaining the terms of each contract and walking you through the contract to ensure you understand it fully before signing;
  • Explaining the different types of property ie. Torrens Title (or ordinary title), Strata Title, Community Title etc:
  • Helping to negotiate terms of the contract if required prior to exchange;
  • Advising you on entitlements to access Government assistance (ie. First Home Buyers Grant);
  • Arrange all searches, pre-purchase inspections, reports and certificate;
  • Preparation of transfers and relevant documentation;
  • Attending to settlement.

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Property Purchase
Michael Daly went above and beyond to make sure everything ran smoothly and rescued me from my own ignorance. A true champion! Thank you so much.
Simone Day

Our thanks to you and your supportive staff for your tireless efforts in assisting us through this difficult time.

Wright family

Michael has been my family Solicitor for 30 years. My family and I have used his services in a number of ways – Sale and purchase of properties; Purchase and sale of businesses; Preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney; Successful recovery of unpaid monies on sale of a car by a family member. I have always found Michael to be very thorough, knowledgeable and very comfortable to deal with. I highly value the services he continues to provide.

C. Barlow